Sri Bagavath Mission’s stall in Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair

Please visit our book stall in Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair 2016 between 2nd and 8th August 2016 at AM Jain College, Meenambakkam


Sri Bagavath Bhavan

Sri BagavathSri Bagavath, our Satguru defined enlightenment in the simplest way. He showed the right way to attain enlightenment. He assured that any one can get enlightenment who has the ability to understand.

Enlightenment is the only way to get liberated from our grief and sorrows. When the mind is liberated from the sorrows, our energy does not go waste in the turmoil within our mind. We save more energy, so that we can work effectively in the outside world – where real the solutions to our real problems can be found.

He has taught how we can be silent inside (Mind) and active (in the) outside (world).

Already thousands of people have got enlightenment and they are enjoying the benefits of being enlightened. The people who got benefit from his teachings are working under the Banner ‘Sri Bagavath Mission’.

It works through Publication of Books, CDs of Sri Bagavath, Arranging his meetings, Satsang. (For More details visit

His books have been published / translated in Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu, Jewish, Russian, French and Spanish languages.

Now Sri Bagavath Bhavan is built in Salem. The work is under way.

Bagavath BhavanThis is going to be the Staying Place for Sri Bagavath. Here anyone can come and stay with him, listen to his teachings, clarify his or her doubts and confirm their understanding. The Bhavan will the place for stay with their family members with facilities for food and knowledge and understanding.

Sri Bagavath Bhavan was started with a small plan of having a ground floor. When the aspirations of the well wishers grew, the building plan also has grown much. The budget also has gone beyond Sri Bagavath Mission’s capacity to bear.

Now to complete the building, ground floor, first floor and 2nd floors, at least 45 lakhs will be required. Even with some borrowings the Trustees are trying to complete the building and to make it available for Public Use as early as possible.

I, as part of the Sri Bagavath Mission Family, request your good selves, friends, relatives, well wishers, supporters of social causes like this to Donate any amount possible to this noble cause and help us to take the message all over the world.

Kindly pass on this message to the people willing to contribute for such good causes.

Donors of Rs.25,000/- and more will be included as Patrons.

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