About Pravaagam


Shri Bagavath’s phrase on Awakening is absolutely new-fangled dimension for the Truth Seekers.

The effort of Pravaagam Satsang is to Carry Ayya’s vision on Enlightenment with its original vibe and alive to those who are craving for liberation, without shrinking it within the philosophical boundaries.

This Satsang performs the duty of creating and distributing Ayya’s books and CDs at the cost of production, with an aim of redirecting the sanyasins and Truth-seekers towards the world again, and also it carry outs the responsibility of providing information on Ayya’s public talks and gathering for those who are imagining that something is going to draw them towards liberation, encompass the idea of something is going to happen… going to change… renouncing the society and waiting for the impossible experiences.

The essence of Sat Sang is invite you heartedly to comprehend the PRAVAAGAM and disappearing into it without any individual identity, devoid of solidifying the self or even without continuing the inner search which has geared up through the sorrows and vexations.